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||West Shore YMCA Competitive Swimming||

410 Fallowfield Road||Camp Hill, PA  17011|||| 717.514.2287

Current Coaching Staff



Our Coaches

Coaches may be contacted using the email contact below.

G. Michael Gobrecht - Director of Competitive Swimming/Senior Group Coach  (717) 514 2287
 West Shore Coaching Staff  

Coach Samantha Shirtliff - Senior and Pre-Senior Coach

Coach Brian Aberle - Assistant Senior Coach
Coach Drew Soisson - Assistant Senior Coach

Coach Carolyn Bolden - AGC Coach

Coach Matt Ward- AGA and AGB Coach

Coach Sin Jin Schwartz- AGB/AGC Coach

Coach Savannah Damon- AGA Coach

Coach Porter - AGA and Pre Competitive Coach

Pre Competitive Coaching Staff  

Coach Beth Hockenbery- Sunday Coach

Coach Samantha Maggio- Friday Coach

Coach Jeff Ludwick- Friday Coach


Coach Gillian Withers- Sunday Coach

Coach Chris Maffey- Sunday Coach  is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of the West Shore YMCA. For information please contact us online since 1994.