July 2015

Meeting Minutes from July 13, 2015 at 7:15 PM

Roll Call: Janet Butterfield, Jim Davis, Deb Bennett, Kristia Ludwick, Lois Dundore, Lauren Harris, Renee Lieux
Prior Meeting Minutes: Approved

Report of Officers

  • Renee attended to help guide us in what needs to be done for the 503C. We need to do the following: Create articles of incorporation, Approve bylaws, File a form with the IRS to be a tax-exempt corporation
  • We were also advised to get a new EIN. Jim will complete any 1099’s using the current EIN. We agreed that we would get a new one next year.
  • For the 503C, we will need to advertise in the newspaper what we are doing. Renee will take care of this.
  • The articles of incorporation were approved by all Board members in attendance, using Janet’s home address as the corporation address.
  • The Board agreed to hold off on filing necessary paperwork for PA state tax exemption until we see how it goes with the federal exemption. Renee agreed to research and provide Janet with the cost of this filing.
  • The bylaws were approved by all Board members in attendance. Janet will take care of distributing the current version to the membership. It should be noted that internal and operational policies were removed from the bylaws and placed in a separate document.
  • No one in attendance objected to Jim getting a quote from the insurance agent to get an ‘errors and omissions’ policy. Jim also agreed to get a better explanation of exactly what this is for from the insurance agent.
  • The end of season survey was approved by the Board. Janet will distribute to the parents.
  • The Board approved the purchase of nylon Frisbees as an end-of-season gift for the swimmers.
  • For the end of season party, we agreed to use the water we already have, and purchase some juice boxes and paper products. We also agreed to get Rita’s Italian Ice for the party.
  • We also agreed to ask the Rita’s representative if they would be interested in selling their product at our home meets next year.
  • Jim agreed to provide a high-level finance update at the Parent Meeting next week.
  • Janet will talk with Renee about creating a separate arrangement with the WSY for the non-club swimmers that swam during practice this year, without prior Parent/Board knowledge.
  • The Board agreed on the criteria to receive a senior gift the summer after high school graduation. It is: Must be a Hampden Aquatic Club swim team member for three of their four high school years, including senior year and must swim in at least two meets during the summer following high school graduation

    The next meeting will be August 17 at 7:15 PM in Wegmans.

Unfinished Business

  • Janet will follow up with Mrs. Ducharme on a senior gift for Tom.
  • Status on 503C will be provided.
  • Get new EIN.
  • Discuss Errors and Omissions insurance policy.
  • Create separate WSY arrangement for non-club swimmers.

New Business

  • Nothing additional was discussed.
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