July 2015 Parent Meeting

Meeting Minutes for Hampden Aquatic Club (HAC) Parent Meeting on July 21, 2015 at 7:15 PM

Discussion Points

From the Board:

  • Janet Butterfield (President HAC) led the meeting. She introduced the current Board members.
  • A slate of members were nominated for the 2016 Board of Directors: Janet Butterfield (President), Denyse Miskin (Vice President), Jenn O’Donnell (Secretary), Kristia Ludwick (Treasurer), Lauren Harris, Deb Bennett, Terrie Evans, Kristi Houston, Tony Maggio, Heather Purlain. The request for the motion was by Jim Davis and second by Mike Harris and motion carried.
  • A request to adopt the updated By-Laws that were distributed to the parents on July 8th was discussed. The motion to adopt was by Mike Harris
    and second by Joe Spila and motion carried. The adopted By-Laws will now be available on our website
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