Team Records

New Club Records from 2014:

Age Group/EventTimeDateRecord HolderPrevious Record Time/Year
8 & U Girls 25 M Breaststroke20.327/20/2014Kamryn Barone21.53 from 2002

Updated as of 7/27/2014
Team Records

Event #Age GroupEventTime DateRecord Holder
18 & U100 M Medley Relay1:31.041994A. Howard, B. Fuller, J. Barr, S. Downing
28 & U100 M Medley Relay1:24.721994A. Toran, A. Simons, J. Lowry, M. Rhykerd
39-–10200 M Medley Relay2:44.821996B. Fuller, D. Boutin, S. Downing, A. Howard
49-–10200 M Medley Relay2:36.841997C. Maule, A. Clark, K. Harden, A. Pfannenschmidt
511-12200 M Medley Relay2:16.561992D. Shiner, C. Potter, S. Setcavage, K. Golding
611-12200 M Medley Relay2:20.251993S. Lowry, B. Leach, M. Russell, L. Sauffley
713-14200 M Medley Relay2:02.391998C. Casella, J. Fuller, S. Hawley, J. Miller
813-14200 M Medley Relay2:13.171998S. Allen, R. Kemery, S. Holman, A. Miles
915 & O200 M Medley Relay1:50.142002S Hawley, J Sunday, J Miller, D Sunday
1015 & O200 M Medley Relay2:09.331998J. Chwan, M. Newell, E. Shively, M. Zientek
119–-10100 M Individual Medley1:15.59*2013Kyle Farrow
129–-10100 M Individual Medley1:21.791997Courtney Maule
1311-12100 M Individual Medley1:10.751995Brian Bonczek
1411-12100M Individual Medley1:11.371998Allison Simons
1513-14100 M Individual Medley1:03.551997Brian Bonczek
1613-14100 M Individual Medley1:09.121999Allison Simons
1715 & O100 M Individual Medley1:00.422001Jason Miller
1815 & O100 M Individual Medley1:08.872002Allison Simons
198 & U25 M Freestyle16.092002Dan Prete
208 & U25 M Freestyle15.85*2013Zoe Gallagher
219–-1050 M Freestyle32.161993J. Matson
229–-1050 M Freestyle29.811993Mary Mumber
2311-1250 M Freestyle28.32*2013Logan Skiles
2411-1250 M Freestyle28.761993Mary Mumber
2513-1450 M Freestyle26.401993J. Matson
2613-1450 M Freestyle27.701993Mary Mumber
2715 & O50 M Freestyle24.121993J. Matson
2815 & O50 M Freestyle27.701993Mary Mumber
298 & U25 M Backstroke20.531997Kevin Train
308 & U25 M Backstroke19.62*2013Presley Staretz
319–-1050 M Backstroke35.58*2013Kyle Farrow
329–-1050 M Backstroke37.581993Heather Fraser
3311-1250 M Backstroke32.291992Shawn Setcavage
3411-1250 M Backstroke33.631994Stacy Lowry
3513-1450 M Backstroke28.881994Shawn Setcavage
3613-1450 M Backstroke33.401999Allison Simons
3715 & O50 M Backstroke28.042002Steven Hawley
3815 & O50 M Backstroke30.741991Linda Wentz
399–-10100 M Freestyle1:10.912013Kyle Farrow
409–-10100 M Freestyle1:13.091997Courtney Maule
4111-12100 M Freestyle1:02.55*2013Logan Skiles
4211-12100 M Freestyle1:03.341998Allison Simons
4313-14100 M Freestyle57.321997Brian Bonczek
4413-14100 M Freestyle1:02.411999Allison Simons
4515 & O100 M Freestyle53.832002Jason Miller
4615 & O100 M Freestyle1:01.842006Amanda Skonezney
478 & U25 M Breaststroke22.232001Christopher Cherewka
488 & U25 M Breaststroke20.322014Kamryn Barone
499–-1050 M Breaststroke41.632013Kyle Farrow
509–-1050 M Breaststroke39.671993Dana Mohre
5111-1250 M Breaststroke35.421998Joseph Krause
5211-1250 M Breaststroke37.601993D. Lamarca
5313-1450 M Breaststroke33.592004Tyler J Prete
5413-1450 M Breaststroke35.761992Laura Florio
5515 & O50 M Breaststroke31.731993S. McCarver
5615 & O50 M Breaststroke34.962010Mackenzie Ferry
578 & U25 M Fly17.852002Dan Prete
588 & U25 M Fly16.78*2013Zoe Gallagher
599–-1050 M Fly34.83*2013Kyle Farrow
609–-1050 M Fly35.171993L. Batdorf
6111-1250 M Fly32.071995Brian Bonczek
6211-1250 M Fly30.811994Stacy Lowry
6313-1450 M Fly28.201994Shawn Setcavage
6413-1450 M Fly30.502002Courtney Maule
6515 & O50 M Fly25.312002Jason Miller
6615 & O50 M Fly30.782003Allison E. Simons
678 & U100 M Freestyle Relay1:12.841993Lippert, Stewart, Brenneman, Raybeck
688 & U100 M Freestyle Relay1:04.661999M. Futato, J. Lewis, C. Sheely, M. Sheely
699–-10200 M Freestyle Relay2:24.311993Matson, Mumber, Pisane, Krosnowski
709–-10200 M Freestyle Relay2:14.911993A. Batdorf, Morris, Mumber, Mumber
7111-12200 M Freestyle Relay2:08.041994B. Bonczek, S. McCray, C. Potter, M. Emmert
7211-12200 M Freestyle Relay2:04.431994S. Lowry, M. Teramae, K. Connell, L. Saufley
7313-14200 M Freestyle Relay1:49.431998J. Fuller, S. Hawley, J. Miller, M. Socha
7413-14200 M Freestyle Relay1:59.162003C. Brett, P. Willauer, A. Cherewka, R. Sunday
7515 & O200 M Freestyle Relay1:38.052002S Hawley, J Miller, D Sunday, M Bolden
7615 & O200 M Freestyle Relay2:09.331998J. Chwan, M. Newell, E. Shively, M. Zientek

Pool Records

Event #Age GroupEventTimeDateRecord HolderTeam
18 & U100 M Medley Relay1:27.641999J. Beegle, M. Connolly, I. Johnson, B. Sheahan GETY
28 & U100 M Medley Relay1:22.511997H. Wenger, E. Luley, B. Brooks, R. Skotnicki WSY
198 & U25 M Freestyle15.732001Steven GaspariniIC
208 & U25 M Freestyle16.191997Brittney BrooksWSY
298 & U25 M Backstroke19.301993Brian DuffieSS
308 & U25 M Backstroke19.181997Tricia WeanerGETY
478 & U25 M Breaststroke21.401993S. HambergerSS
488 & U25 M Breaststroke20.441996Courtney MauleCVAC
578 & U25 M Fly17.272001Steven GaspariniIC
588 & U25 M Fly17.362002Emily R BeamerGETY
678 & U100 M Freestyle Relay1:08.801993B. Duffie, T. Mattson, J. Bixler, S. Hamberger SS A
688 & U100 M Freestyle Relay1:14.302002S Stewart, J Hawk, C Bixler, B Raab YY
49-–10200 M Medley Relay2:28.991999A. Sheely, J. Dyer, R. Skotnicki, K. Ricedorf CVAC
119-–10100 M Individual Medley1:13.292003Steven GaspariniICAC
129-–10100 M Individual Medley1:19.941993Desiree HilemanCVAC
219-–1050 M Freestyle31.671993Geoff HoneysettCVAC
229-–1050 M Freestyle29.811993Mary MumberHAC
319-–1050 M Backstroke36.082003Steven GaspariniICAC
329-–1050 M Backstroke35.802002Julia KucherichTAC
399-–10100 M Freestyle1:06.882003Steven GaspariniICAC
409-–10100 M Freestyle1:09.091999Kayla RicedorfCVAC
499-–1050 M Breaststroke38.812001Justin BeegleGETY
509-–1050 M Breaststroke39.581997Allison LuttermoserMSC
599-–1050 M Fly33.681999Cody WeikCVAC
609-–1050 M Fly33.842002Katie NolanHER
699-–10200 M Freestyle Relay2:12.381993Forbrich, Hurley, Souder, Honeysett CVAC
709-–10200 M Freestyle Relay2:14.911993A. Batdorf, Morris, Mumber, Mumber HAC
39–-10200 M Medley Relay2:42.141999C. Weik, R. Rudock, A. Termin, S. Schwartz CVAC
511-12200 M Medley Relay2:17.041998J. Barr, C. Diehl, A. Goldsmith, G. Perantoni WSY
611-12200 M Medley Relay2:10.191997K. Slack, L. Bianco, S. Fisher, A. Greenawalt WSY
1311-12100 M Individual Medley1:10.872003Kevin MarstellerTAC
1411-12100 M Individual Medley1:08.051997Liane BiancoWSY
2311-1250 M Freestyle28.011993P. Whitely
2411-1250 M Freestyle28.292001Michele KingSGSC
3311-1250 M Backstroke33.712003Michael DruckLions
3411-1250 M Backstroke32.492001Tricia WeanerGETY
4111-12100 M Freestyle1:00.941994Dave WattersCSC
4211-12100 M Freestyle1:01.832003Alison ZelenkyWSY
5111-1250 M Breaststroke35.462002Masheed M AhadiCSC
5211-1250 M Breaststroke34.771997Liane BiancoWSY
6111-1250 M Fly31.481993P. Whitely
6211-1250 M Fly30.811994Stacy LowryHAC
7111-12200 M Freestyle Relay2:02.471997L. Diehl, A. Randall, N. Stare, C. Doemland WSY
7211-12200 M Freestyle Relay2:01.871998K. Amundsen, B. Gepfer, A. Toran, A. Stine WSY
713-14200 M Medley Relay2:03.371998A. Turkewitz, R. Mitchell, C. Doemland, J. Protas WSY
813-14200 M Medley Relay2:05.251999L. Bianco, S. Fisher, M. White, A. Greenawalt WSY
1513-14100 M Individual Medley1:03.551997Brian BonczekHAC
1613-14100 M Individual Medley1:07.591999Liane BiancoWSY
2513-1450 M Freestyle25.701993Jim KornishCI
2613-1450 M Freestyle27.992002Michele L KingSGSC
3513-1450 M Backstroke29.562001Doug HofferEPAC
3613-1450 M Backstroke29.992003Tricia WeanerWSY
4313-14100 M Freestyle56.081999Kyle VoorheisYY
4413-14100 M Freestyle59.022003Leah GingrichWSY
5313-1450 M Breaststroke32.382002John M Cremo Jr.WSY
5413-1450 M Breaststroke33.821998Liane BiancoWSY
6313-1450 M Fly28.041993Greg GipsonTAC
6413-1450 M Fly30.231999Sarah FisherWSY
7313-14200 M Freestyle Relay1:47.521999M. Trump, N. Ruppert, N. Fuhrman, K. Voorheis YY
7413-14200 M Freestyle Relay1:52.512003T Weaner, L Gingrich, E Luley, A Stumpf WSY
915 & O200 M Medley Relay1:49.602002R Estacio, R Mitchell, C White, C Wary LAT
1015 & O200 M Medley Relay2:04.122003K Slack, A Stine, S Fisher, A Luttermoser WSY
1715 & O100 M Individual Medley59.371999Matt HauptCSC
1815 & O100 M Individual Medley1:06.652002Liane BiancoLAT
2715 & O50 M Freestyle23.892002Reggie ShearerWSC
2815 & O50 M Freestyle26.292002Kathryn KemeryHAC
3715 & O50 M Backstroke27.151997Josh WeaverYY
3815 & O50 M Backstroke30.152001Sarah HauptCSC
4515 & O100 M Freestyle53.832002Jason MillerHAC
4615 & O100 M Freestyle58.802001Kristin BrownHAY
5515 & O50 M Breaststroke31.442003Josh BarrWSY
5615 & O50 M Breaststroke34.222002Liane BiancoLAT
6515 & O50 M Fly25.312002Jason MillerHAC
6615 & O50 M Fly29.522001Robyn HarmEPAC
7515 & O200 M Freestyle Relay1:38.052002S Hawley, J Miller, D Sunday, M Bolden HAC
7615 & O200 M Freestyle Relay2:04.122003K Slack, A Stine, S Fisher, A Luttermoser WSY

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