Attention Coaches and Officials attending the Western District Meet at the Spire Center in Geneva, Ohio

For any meet held in the state of Ohio, per Ohio law, coaches and officials must have Lindsay's Law training (sudden cardiac arrest) and concussion training.  These trainings are in addition to your YMCA Certifications that you have kept updated.  As a reminder, the current list of Pennsylvania YMCA Coaches certified to be on deck at YMCA Sanctioned meets is here


When you arrive at the Spire Center, you (coaches and officials) must provide proof of completion of the “Ohio-Specific” trainings for every coach you will have with your team on the pool deck.  There are no exceptions to this. The facility and the LSC approving the meet must ensure that everyone is in compliance.  Be prepared to hand in your certifications, so make sure you keep a personal copy.


Lindsay's Law (Sudden Cardiac Arrest)

1.   Watch the Video (it’s 18 minutes in length)

2.   Read the Required SCA Handout

3.   Sign the awareness for that's in the parent part (there is none specifically for coaches, so we will use that one).  Bring the signed form to the meet with you.


Concussion Training

1.   Take the course

2.   Print and bring the completion certification to the meet with you.  NOTE:  Those of you that are PIAA High School swimming coaches have already taken this course.  You can look up your certification here and print the certificate of completion.

After showing proof of these two trainings plus being on the list of Pennsylvania YMCA Coaches certified to be on deck at YMCA Sanctioned meets, you will be given a wristband that you must display unobstructed for the duration of the meet.  Officials simply need to show proof of the above two certifications


Please understand as per Ohio State Law, if you do NOT show proof of the above two trainings, you will NOT be permitted on the pool deck at the Spire Center for YMCA Districts. There are no exceptions.  Do not place your athletes, and parents in a position where their coach will NOT be on deck.  Take these quick trainings ASAP.


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the following:


Mike Gobrecht – PA YMCA Regional Representative | (717) 514 2287

Jennifer Griffith – Western Meet Director -